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About Us

Dreameng Studio is located in Toronto, the largest city and the economic centre of Canada. As we live in such a dynamic and multicultural place, we want to take advantage of the resources we have to create marketing materials for brands, NGOs and individuals.


We provide photography and videography services for films, commercials and events.


We have a strong track record of commercial adaptation and script recreation from other languages to Chinese and South Asian versions.  Adaption is not translation; it takes knowledge of different cultures to make an excellent one.


To our clients anywhere in the world, we provide production and production support services for TV, Film, Commercial and Digital Content shot in Canada. Make sure to take advantage of the beautiful scenarios and people of different cultures and ethnicities.


Asian Culture Consultation for video production is part of our daily work when we talk to clients from different backgrounds.


It is our task to educate clients about how important it is to have everything culturally correct for any production. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about Asian cultures for your productions.


We work with agencies, media companies, production houses and brands, to create compelling and profound work across multiple platforms.


Dreameng is also known for its specialty in multicultural creative work and Asian artists management.

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